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Personal email hosting for your business & yourself

Email hosting with your own personalized domain name – your email @yourdomain

Access to your email from where ever you are

Access your email from multiple devices, multiple locations – wherever and whenever it suits you.

Upgrade your email hosting at any time

Start small and grow your email hosting as your business grows. Upgrades are completely automated and can be done at any time.

Dedicated WordPress Server

Fast SSD Speeds and powerful Shared server Control your own domain

Spam Protection

We provide spam filtering as well as brute force detection on all our hosted domains

99% Online

Our Servers are located in Pretoria and Capetown Data Center


Our email hosting service provides you with a personalized email service that is customized with your own domain name.

Build customer trust by providing everyone within your company with a customized email address @yourcompany or provide your friends & family with their own email address @yourdomain

Our email services include industry leading SSL encryption on webmail services, TLS & SSL Encryption on SMTP, IMAP & POP3 services to ensure that all email transmission is secure.

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